Zain Iraq: $ 312 million was invested in the network

Baghdad -ALSHARQIYA July 9: Zain Iraq promised its subscribers to provide the best 4G services in the Middle East
The company said in a statement that the decision to operate 4G services is a step in the right direction for the development of the sector and came after a long wait.
The company welcomed the government decision issued regarding the extension of the license and granting approval to operate 4G services in Iraq early next year and confirmed its readiness to operate its advanced network in all governorates,  Zain Iraq stated that the decision to extend the work permit was a legal entitlement according to the license contract according to Article Six of the license contract and that the period granted to extend the license for an additional eight years in exchange for the deployment of 4G services will be a short period and will be a major challenge in securing the rates of returns on investments
The CEO of Zain Iraq, Ali Al Zahed, affirmed Zain Iraq’s commitment to complete the obligations and requirements for launching the commercial service for the fourth generation technology with the latest internationally approved technical version at the beginning of next year ..


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