YouTube competes with Tik Tok with a new feature

United States-ALSHARQIYA   July 14: YouTube announced the provision of a new service, called "Shorts", as a competitor to the "Tik Tok" application in many countries.

The service was launched in India last year, before it was later offered in 26 countries, but YouTube has now provided the beta version in 100 countries around the world.

According to The Verge, a technical news site, YouTube Shorts is a platform for preparing and publishing very short videos, as is the case in Tik Tok.

And the service gave users the feature to add audio excerpts from videos on YouTube, which facilitates the production of some videos that may have a wide spread, such as those in which other content published on the platform is commented.

Among the features that will be available in “YouTube Shorts”, the ability to watch short videos of a maximum length of 60 seconds, adding “filters” to correct color in videos, and texts in specific clips.

YouTube says users can add a song or audio clip from the platform to their short videos.

The audio content available in the YouTube library can be used free of charge, but this is allowed for personal, non-commercial use only, unless the user obtains the appropriate licenses.

Those who publish short videos cannot get a share of the advertising revenue displayed in the short video player, but “YouTube” created a financial fund dedicated to short videos, to reward content creators for their contributions in providing short videos.

This fund will be used to help creators monetize their videos, while YouTube begins testing ads and working on long-term monetization solutions.

Surprisingly, in the new “YouTube” move, it comes at a time when technology experts believe that the “Tik Tok” application seeks to simulate the famous video platform, as it recently doubled the maximum video length to 3 minutes.


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