WhatsApp is developing a technology on its application to convert voice messages into texts

United States-ALSHARQIYA September 14: WhatsApp is developing a new feature in the iOS operating system, which will allow converting voice messages through its application into texts, according to a report by the WABetaInfo portal.
According to the report, WhatsApp is developing the feature to provide written transcripts of received voice messages, allowing you to easily read what was said without having to play it out loud.
It is not yet clear when the beta version of WhatsApp will arrive for iPhone users or when this feature will reach the Android operating system.
According to screenshots shared by WABetaInfo, the feature works by sending speech data to Apple's servers, rather than to the servers of WhatsApp or Facebook, the owner of the instant messaging service, "to process your requests."
There is a disclaimer that this data "will also help Apple improve speech recognition technology."
It is not clear how the data "sent to Apple" will be secured since the feature has not yet been officially announced. Currently, voice messages are protected by end-to-end encryption in WhatsApp.
Voice messages are a useful feature of WhatsApp, especially if you need to send a longer message and are not in a position to type. But it can sometimes cause problems for recipients who don't have headphones and are not in a position to listen to a message out loud, or simply don't have time to listen to an entire audio message.
Transcriptions can allow people to silently view the contents of a voice message, or point out important details later without having to erase the audio.
WABetaInfo reports that audio conversions are saved to the device after they're created, and the "Text" section makes it easy to skip to certain parts of a message. This is similar to other automatic transcription programs such as Google's Recorder or Otter.ai.
Currently, WhatsApp voice messages can only be transcribed using third-party software.
At the moment, there is no indication that there is a similar feature in the WhatsApp app for Android. However, given the level of feature parity between different WhatsApp apps, WABetaInfo anticipates that the feature may also be on its way to Android phones.
So far, the feature is still not available to the public, but only in developer beta.


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