Washington gives Iraq 45 days to import gas from Iran

Washington-ALsharqiya November 21: The United States granted Iraq a new exemption of forty-five, 45 days, for the purpose of importing gas and energy from Iran. The Washington Post quoted a spokesperson for the US State Department as saying that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo extended the exemption forty-five additional 45 days, leaving the Trump administration with a final decision on whether to extend or cut it completely, before the inauguration of the new president on January 20. The spokesman added that Pompeo renewed the exemption from sanctions on Iraq to participate in financial transactions related to importing electricity from Iran, to ensure Iraq's ability to meet its energy needs in the short term while taking steps to reduce its dependence on Iranian energy imports. The newspaper indicated that the United States used the exemption from sanctions and the withdrawal of the embassy as a means of pressure to push the Iraqi government to reduce its government's dependence on Iran and weaken the influence of Iranian-backed militias in Iraq.


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