"Victory of Sovereignty": Dozens of ISIS nests were destroyed in 3 governorates

Salah al-Din - ALSHARQIYA  June 2 : The Iraqi army’s aircraft destroyed a wheel and two trucks of ISIS in Salah al-Din Governorate in the early hours of a large-scale sweep of the confined areas with the Kirkuk governorate. The Security Media Cell announced the destruction of formations of the anti-terrorist agency, caves, tunnels, dens, and the killing of terrorists inside them in conjunction with Operations began between Kirkuk and Salah al-Din, and the cell stated in a statement that the operations of the device included the urban desert areas in Nineveh and Jurf al-Nasr, referring to Jurf al-Sakhr sub-district of Babil Governorate, southwest of Baghdad, with the support of Iraqi army aviation and international coalition aircraft, in addition to the arrest of gunmen according to Article Four. Terror and find explosive devices, bombs, explosive belts and various devices


Informed sources said that government orders were issued to appoint the Minister of the Interior

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