US Support: Washington provides financial support to Iraq to contain Corona

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA  March 25 : The US embassy in Baghdad provided $ 670,000 in aid to Iraq in support of efforts to contain the "Corona" virus and prevent its spread in Iraqi cities, and the US embassy announced in a statement that the US Agency for International Development would provide these funds to the World Health Organization to support the readiness of Iraq In response to the "Covid 19" virus, she indicated that these funds will contribute to supporting the goals of the strategic preparedness and response plan to stop further transmission of the virus in the affected or vulnerable countries, and the statement was conveyed by the American Ambassador to Iraq, Matthew Toller, as saying that this support provided through The World Health Organization will directly enhance the capacity to combat the spread of the virus in Iraq


There was a state of anger and resentment among the families of the deceased in Coruna over the situation of the graves

The head of the Parliamentary Human Rights Committee, Arshad Al-Salhi, warned of an imminent famine in Iraq

The Spanish princess, Maria Teresa, died of the Corona virus, becoming the first