US sanctions: Reducing the exemption period from importing Iranian gas by two months

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA   September  24 : The political correspondent said that the Americans are brandishing political and economic measures that go beyond the traditional formulas of sanctions that the US Treasury and Justice Ministries are used to imposing on personalities and organizations.
 The political correspondent of Al-Sharqia pointed out that the United States had reduced the exemption granted to Iraq to import gas and electricity from Iran and transferred its dues from 120 days to sixty days only ..
The reporter pointed out that all Iraqi parties of all stripes take the American message, which came in a phone call made by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo with Iraqi leaders seriously.

The reporter quoted other sources as saying that the US ambassador’s meeting with the President of the Supreme Judicial Council last Tuesday focused on Iraq's responsibility to protect diplomatic missions operating on its territory, which was described as the American effort to establish a legal framework for political and economic measures that the US administration intends to take.


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