US Justice Department seizes 36 websites linked to Iran

Washington-ALsharqiya, June 23: The US Department of Justice announced that it had seized 36 websites linked to Iran, and said in a statement that many of them were either linked to disinformation activities or violent organizations, and that it had suspended the work of these websites for violating US sanctions. The US Department of Justice confirmed the blocking of 33 websites affiliated with the Iranian Radio and Television Corporation, which is funded by the Iranian government, three websites affiliated with the Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades, and a website affiliated with the Houthis. The decision to block included news websites belonging to Iraqi, Lebanese and Yemeni satellite channels funded by Iran. For his part, an Iranian official at the United Nations said on Wednesday that his country is following up the issue of banning and confiscating a number of Iranian news websites. The New York Times quoted an official in the Iranian mission to the United Nations, who did not reveal his identity, that his country would follow up on this issue through legal channels, accusing the United States of working to restrict freedom of expression.


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