Twitter is developing a new feature in retweeting tweets

London-East September 27: The social networking platform Twitter launched a new test on a feature that it would like to put on its website, in order to limit the publication of more negative content.

According to what Mashable reported, the new feature will help detect whether users on the platform have viewed or read the articles they retweet again on their personal accounts.

The site added that those in charge of the platform are happy with the success of testing the new feature, and this feature will soon begin to be launched worldwide.

The site stated that those in charge of the communication platform found that more than 40% had read the news before it was published during the trial period.

And Twitter indicated that in some cases people read the articles and give up on retweeting them, which gives a good signal.

Twitter will make one change to the feature before launching it on a large scale, so as soon as the user sees the feature, it will appear in a smaller size in the coming times.


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