"Twitter" allows users to pay "tips" to their favorite accounts

United States -ALSHARQIYA  May  7 : Twitter announced a new tool called "Tip Jar", which allows you to donate funds to preferred users.
She explained that it is "the first stage of our plan to develop new ways to provide and obtain support through Twitter, with money."
Until now, the ability to charge money through this service is limited to a limited number of accounts, from content makers, journalists, experts, and NGOs. However, all users of the English version can tip.
"You are the ones managing the conversations on Twitter and we want to be able to more easily exchange support, beyond following accounts, retweeting, and liking clicks," the company added.

The new feature will allow the provision of "tips" through electronic payment services such as "PayPal", "Venmo" and "Patreon". Twitter will not charge any commission for these funds.
The American company is seeking to diversify its sources of income beyond advertising and revenue potentials to gain the loyalty of influencers.
It is especially prepared to launch paid subscriptions to users' favorite accounts, with special privileges for subscribers.
The number of daily users who would generate revenues for the company (who saw at least one advertisement on a given day) reached 199 million in the first quarter of this year.


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