Trump: The decisions of social networking sites, including Facebook, are "absolute disgrace"

United States-ALSHARQIYA  May 7 : Donald Trump described, on Wednesday, the decisions of social networking sites to suspend his accounts as "absolute shame," in a statement published after the Supervisory Board announced on Facebook to maintain the prevention of the former US president from posting messages on his Facebook page and his account on Facebook. Instagram.
"What Facebook, Twitter and Google have done is absolute shame," he wrote in a statement.
He added, "Freedom of expression has been withdrawn from the American president, because the hard-left madmen fear the truth. But the truth will appear anyway bigger and stronger than ever," referring to his baseless accusations that fraud marred the US presidential elections in November. / November 2020.

Trump added, "The American people will not stand idly by! Social media must pay a political price, and they must never be allowed to destroy and eliminate our electoral process."


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