Trump for the Iraqis: If you want to leave, you must pay the money we spent

Washington-ALSHARQIYA  January 12 : US President Donald Trump said that if the officials in Iraq wanted to leave the American forces, he would say to him, "You have to pay us the money that we paid, and Trump confirmed in statements to him that the United States has 35 billion dollars of Iraqi money deposited." At the American banks, and if the Iraqi government does not pay, we remain in Iraq. It is indicated that Trump said earlier that the amounts spent by the United States in Iraq during 16 years are estimated at 2 trillion dollars, equivalent to two thousand billion dollars.


The protest demonstrations in Al-Fahd district, east of Dhi Qar, witnessed gunfire by armed elements in civilian clothes

Hundreds of protesters in Al-Akikah, southeast of Dhi Qar, closed the district directorate again

The protesters of Al-Haboubi Square, the main sit-in center in the city of Nasiriyah, held a symbolic funeral ceremony for the martyrs of the demonstrations