Trainer Ali Hadi's infection and sentencing Karim to Coronavirus

Baghdad-ALSharqiya, June 8: The new Corona virus continued to pursue Iraqi athletes, after it was confirmed that the junior coach of the Al-Rafidain Lions team, Ali Hadi, and the young referee Ali Karim were infected with the global epidemic, just two days after the death of Faleh Awda, the assistant director of the Ministry of Youth Sports in the country, who It can resist Covid-19. Hadi's medical tests showed that he was infected with the new Corona virus, after he showed symptoms, last Thursday, after which he was transferred to a hospital and placed in quarantine, so that he could receive treatment. Also, medical tests confirmed the injury of the young Iraqi government, Ali Karim. With the new Corona virus, the number of people infected with the global epidemic in the Iraqi sports community will increase to seven, the last of whom is the Amana Volleyball Club player, Kawthar Abbas, who is currently in quarantine.


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