Tony Ward's 2021 high-end tailoring collection celebrates the love of life in Beirut despite all the challenges!

Beirut-ALSHARQIYA   November  24 : Lebanese designer Tony Ward did not participate this year in High Sewing Week in Paris due to the continuing spread of the Corona virus and the dire tragedy that befell Beirut with the explosion of the port in it, which led to material damage to the designer’s home. However, all of this did not prevent him from presenting the Haute Couture collection for the year 2021, and he drew its main lines with inspiration from the city of Beirut in particular, where life still continues despite all the challenges.
A collection that reflects the "infectious pulse" in Beirut as described by the house. Despite all that has happened, the Lebanese capital remains a symbol of nightlife, its endless rhythms and the joy of life.

Designer Tony Ward reflected this through dramatic, wide-sized designs that dominated the collection, whether the embossed cherub top with a long and wide green skirt with side frills, or the white dress with a formal collar while its lower section was draped and decorated with ruffles stacked. The same applies to the short dresses that were adorned with a wavy train that gave them this dramatic character.
Because Tony Ward celebrates Beirut's nightlife, nothing could be more beautiful than the glittery black to fully reflect it. He presented several designs of this color, all shining under the spotlight with their bright handcrafted embroideries.

We were also attracted by the strong colors that were present in the group, along with black, whether orange or red and yellow. Every woman will find the color that suits her best in the group to shine with on her occasions. With the variety of colors there is a variety of styles. You can choose the drapery style dress with a wide collar or go towards the cherub top over it with the bolero with a long skirt. Also, the dress with a narrow cut that mimics the curves of the body is available for you to choose and to charm all eyes with it!
What is definitely worth stopping by in the Tony Ward group is his trend towards simplicity in terms of decoration and the focus on cuts mainly in the high-end sewing group for 2021.


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