Tishreen Coordinators: Call for gathering in the demonstration squares on October 1

Baghdad-ALsharqiya, September 28: The Tishreen Coordinators called for gathering and demonstrating in all the squares of the sit-in and peaceful protest in Baghdad and other governorates on the first of next October, to confirm the demands of the uprising and to insist on fulfilling the legitimate rights until the end.

In a statement, the youth of the October Uprising renewed the objectives of the demonstration squares, foremost of which is the immediate detection of the killers of the uprising and those who ordered them to do so, and bringing them to trial, compensation for the families of the martyrs and the wounded, and holding early elections according to a fair electoral law and an independent commission far from partisanship and under the supervision of the United Nations

The statement added that the demands of the uprising are irreversible, most notably the disclosure of major corruption files, the bringing of their whales to trial, the recovery of the looted money, the confinement of weapons in the hands of the state, and the disarmament of the unchecked.


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