Three days of haute couture and creative arts in "A World of Fashion"

Emirates-ALSHARQIYA   October  15 : The 11th annual "World of Fashion" event was launched today, which comes within the activities of the "Fall and Winter Dubai 2020" season, organized by the Dubai Festivals and Retail Corporation, one of the institutions of the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Dubai. The 3-day event at "Mall of the Emirates" offers a number of high-end designs, creative arts, and prizes, in addition to virtual events with the participation of a number of the most prominent fashion designers from the UAE and abroad. The activities include "A World of Fashion 2020", today,

Honoring the winners of the current year’s session of the Arab Women’s Award in 17 categories, including the fields of charity work, entrepreneurship, fashion, and sports, especially Emirati women and Arab women living in the UAE. Social work in the UAE.
The events also include organizing a special party for children, with the participation of many brands on Friday, and a number of virtual shows and events by fashion designers and beauty experts, in addition to the launch of the "Harper's Bazaar Fashion Window", which displays a variety of 360-degree views from the windows of famous stores. At the «Mall of the Emirates» the day after tomorrow, Saturday.


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