This is what WhatsApp is preparing for its users who reject its new privacy policy

London-East May 9: International press reports revealed the details of what the world's most famous instant messaging app, WhatsApp, is preparing for its users, who reject its controversial new privacy policies. The GSM Arena website stated that the WhatsApp application will become less useful, increasingly, if the user does not accept the new privacy policies.

WhatsApp users who do not agree to the privacy policy will see a continuous message and a constant reminder of the need to agree to the updated terms of use, in a way that some of them may find annoying. Meanwhile, the WhatsApp application will switch to limited functionality mode, meaning the user will not be able to access their chat list, and if they receive a new conversation, they will be able to open it through their notifications and also respond to it, and they can only receive voice or video calls. After a few weeks Then, the user will stop receiving all WhatsApp calls and messages as well. WhatsApp has not yet set a specific date for the start of these measures, which gives the user a blurry view of the timing of the exceptional measures, but some are likely to start the countdown from May 15. The WhatsApp administration confirmed that it will not delete accounts, but it will render its users' accounts useless after a few weeks of not accepting this privacy policy.


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