The voice of cats .. What is the fact that it has a positive effect on human health?

France-ALSHARQIYA  October  20 : When the cat makes a meow sound, it also produces sound vibrations that are "soothing" that act "as a medicine for humans without side effects," says veterinarian Jean-Yves Gouchett, from Toulouse, France, who works to provide psychological treatments in France with the approval of The voice of cats in therapy.
And the French veterinarian confirms that the cats make low-frequency sounds, between 20 and 50 Hz, that the nerves under our skin receive. These receptors then transfer the feeling of pleasure to the brain, causing it to release hormones
The scientific journal continues that cats do not make these very sounds except when exposed to strong emotions, whether negative or positive emotions.

These feelings allow the occurrence of the vibration that prompts a sense of calm and reassurance to those who receive it from other cats, such as that the young of that sounding cat, for example.
And Jean-Yves Gaucher assured that the reassuring effect would be the same for humans. He bases his statements, according to what was published by the Agency for Science, on the basis of testimonies that he says he collected during his research on the subject before developing it into his project.
In a book on the subject, the French health journalist Veronique Iach asserts that an American study conducted in the sixties of the last century concluded that with a similar injury, the cat recovers faster than another animal thanks to the sounds it makes. The journalist confirms, according to the Science Agency,

The vibrations emitted by these sounds were used by physical therapists to accelerate the healing of damaged bones in humans. According to the Canadian scientific site "Quebec On Scheff", the problem is that this information has not found support in other scientific references until the time. Nor have any studies been conducted with strict scientific criteria confirming that the voices of cats have a positive effect on the mental health of their human companions.


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