The US and Iraqi Secretary of State open the strategic dialogue session

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA  April 7: The third round of strategic dialogue between the United States and Iraq, the first in the era of US President Joe Biden's administration, began on Wednesday evening.
And the American Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and the Iraqi Fouad Hussein opened the third round of the dialogue via closed-circuit television, in which Blinken emphasized that the strategic dialogue comes as confirmation of the relationship of partnership between Iraq and the United States, especially after the Iraqi government proceeded to establish the foundations of democracy in the country and devoted to the principles of the constitution through its government platform. .
Blinken added that Iraq during the government of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi witnessed an openness in its relations within its Arab environment and at the international level, and that it is today considered a regional and international gateway to spread peace after the visit of Pope Francis.

For his part, Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein stressed that Iraq is looking forward to strengthening relations with the United States, and it affirms its keenness to cooperate and strengthen partnership in all important and vital fields and sectors through the memoranda and agreements signed between the two countries, adding that the Iraqi government is determined to achieve its energy security.


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