The Unified Council of the Six Tribes of the Six Governorates warned of attempts by politicians described by the Council

Mosul-ALsharqiya, November 21: The Unified Council of the Six Governorates Tribes warned against attempts by politicians who were described by the Council as corrupt, vulgar, partisan, and mean who use popular anger against the sedition document in order to achieve cheap political interests or in a dispute over the position of the head of the Sunni endowment and other positions in the endowment. In his statement tonight. We know these politicians and the parties to which they belong, and we deal with them as the scum of the liberated governorate societies, and we hold them responsible for the harm and deprivation inflicted upon the sons of these societies, leading to the emergence of this shocking document that does not only violate material rights, but also touches moral, moral and religious standards as well. The council said that those who exploit the issue of what is known as endowment sharing for partisan purposes to settle partisan accounts are the root of evil, and we will teach them during the upcoming elections a lesson that they will not forget when they fall in the event that the elections are fair and not subject to the influence of the corrupt.


The head of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr,

The President of the Kurdistan Regional Government,

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