The UN Security Council approves the entry of humanitarian aid into Syria

New York-ALsharqiya July 12: The UN Security Council approved the entry of humanitarian aid to Syria through one Turkish crossing, the day after the expiry of the six-year humanitarian process with a mandate from the United Nations, which would affect millions of Syrian civilians.

The 15-nation council reached a dead end with most members standing against Russia and China, two of Syria's two allies that abstained, the council's fifth on the issue this week.

 12 countries voted in favor of the draft resolution, and the Dominican Republic abstained, as well. The successful vote came after two failed vote attempts on Russian proposals and two other votes prepared by Germany and Belgium and Russia and China used their veto power.


The Disciplinary Committee of the Qatar Football Association issued a warning to Xavi Hernandez, coach of Al-Sadd Club, and a fine of 10,000 riyals ($ 2,739), due to non-compliance with the health protocol laid down by the federation

A report by the American "Oil Price" website stated that Iraq will have to comply 100% with the OPEC Plus agreement during the months of August and September.

French President Emmanuel Macron emphasized the urgent need for strong political measures to get Lebanon out of its crisis and lead it to reform.