The Timberley London Summer 2021 collection takes inspiration from 1960s elegance

London-ALSHARQIYA   September  24 : The Temperley London Spring / Summer 2021 London Fashion Week collection brings us back to the elegance of the 1960s, drawing on its vocabulary a modern, fun collection that is not without the usual vitality of the brand, which has always been described as romantic dreamy and festive, and at the same time it retains a great deal From practical to everyday looks.
The 1960s reflected the liberation and escape energy we desire today that is very similar to the London youth revolution of the 1960s. Alice Timberley found her inspiration in the photos of the famous 1960s icon Talitha Getty in Marrakesh with frilly kaftans and her colors, along with scenes from the then famous movie Blow-up.
Designer Alice Timberley says she was looking for something light, fun, fresh and cool so her collection combines many different styles.

And sometimes contradictory ones, we find summer dresses made of chiffon and thread patterns, such as the white dress with black patterns and the other in blue and white with loose-fitting shoulders decorated with elastic frills, and short summer dresses with long sleeves emulating the fashion of the sixties.


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