The streets of Baghdad are experiencing massive traffic jams

Baghdad-Alsharqiya, August 9: The Iraqi capital, Baghdad, witnessed massive traffic jams and the accumulation of vehicles in the main intersections, streets and bridges, with the return of traffic and working hours.

Pictures showed bottlenecks in the center of the capital, and on the roads and highways and vital areas, including Bab Al-Mozzam towards Al-Shorja, the fast-course towards Al-Rashid camp, Al-Nahda Garage Street, and Sari'i Al-Qadisiyah.

 Saree al-Dora also witnessed traffic momentum due to a traffic accident, in addition to the Jadriya Bridge, which was blocked by vehicles, starting from the pedestrian bridge to the intersection of Baghdad University.

 It is reported that government departments and institutions started their official working hours today, after the 9-day Eid Al-Adha holiday.


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