The shock process stopped wasting 7 billion dinars in Diyala and Nineveh

Baghdad-ALSharqiya, July 1: The Ministry of Communications revealed that 7 billion dinars were wasted in the first results of the shock operation that it carried out in Diyala and Nineveh provinces, to stop the smuggling of Internet capacities. The ministry confirmed in a statement that the operation prevented the waste of about four billion dinars in Diyala and 3 billion dinars in Nineveh, after stopping the smuggling of Internet capacities through the Kurdistan region. The ministry indicated that the process that is being carried out under the supervision of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi and coordination with the regional government is continuing until the end of smuggling operations, which is estimated at 35 days, which is the unit for measuring Internet capacities. The ministry confirmed in its statement that the smugglers of international capacities for the Internet and the presence of Iraq are an appropriate environment for smuggling given the large difference in prices with neighboring countries.


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