The resignation of the Lebanese Foreign Minister Nassif Hatti

Beirut-ALsharqiya, August 3: The Lebanese Foreign Minister Nassif until his resignation was submitted to Prime Minister Hassan Diab, criticizing the absence of an effective will to achieve urgent reforms set by the international community as a condition for Lebanon to obtain external support to get it out of the cycle of economic collapse.

In a statement after thinking and self-frankness, Hatti said, and that my duties could not be performed in these historical and fateful circumstances, and in the absence of an effective will to achieve the required comprehensive structural reform that our national community demands and invites us to do, I decided to resign from my duties as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates.

He added, "I participated in this government from the point of view of working with one employer named Lebanon, and I found in my country employers and contradictory interests, warning that if they did not meet about the interest of the Lebanese people and rescue them, then the boat, God forbid, will drown everyone."


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