The Prime Minister: We will punish those who exploit the Iraqi ministries for electoral purposes

Baghdad-ALSharqiya, June 15: Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi vowed to investigate and punish all officials if they use their positions in state ministries for electoral purposes, categorically rejecting the exploitation of state institutions in the upcoming elections.

Al-Kazemi revealed, during the Iraqi Council of Ministers session, complaints about the procedures of some joints of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, and suspicions of their exploitation for electoral purposes at the expense of the livelihood of the poor by supporting some candidates regarding social welfare salaries.

Al-Kazemi stressed that he will not allow the segment of the poor, their strength and their salaries to turn into a fat substance for electoral exploitation, and that he will investigate the complaints that affected the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

And Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi revealed, during the cabinet session, that government support, such as food baskets and other types of support, were directed to the poor class.

and the deserving

He said that what is currently happening of receiving businessmen and senior employees and fictitious names to support food supplies represents an administrative failure and corruption.

Al-Kazemi stressed his government's great interest in providing the food basket that will be distributed to the poor, provided that it contains more materials than the materials that are currently distributed "in quantity and quality."


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