The police chief demands to send the staff of Al-Hussein Hospital in Dhi Qar

Dhi Qar - ALSharqiya, July 11: Colonel Hazem Al-Waeli, Minister of Interior Othman Al-Ghanmi, complained about the lack of medical and health personnel in Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital.

In the presence of relatives of the patients, he said that the hospital floors, which include isolation halls, include only one or two nurses.

The general situation in Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital in Dhi Qar is witnessing an unprecedented escalation after the supporters of a political party in the province prevented the director of health of the province Hussein Hamdan Al-Kanzawi from entering the hospital at a time when the clan of the director of health threatened to intervene in response to the authorities that prevented the director of health from entering Al-Hussein Hospital and confirmed local sources In Dhi Qar, the struggle to obtain the management of Al-Hussein Hospital is at its peak, at a time when the hospital is witnessing unprecedented neglect and an increase in the number of deaths due to corona infection.


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