The number of coronavirus victims worldwide is close to 550,000

New York-ALsharqiya July 9: The number of coronavirus victims around the world is close to 550,000, while the number of people infected since the outbreak began exceeds 12 million.

The United States tops the list of the worst affected countries, with more than 132,000 deaths, 3 million and 50,000 injuries so far.

  In Brazil, the Coronavirus has claimed the lives of 70,000 people since the outbreak began, while health authorities have recorded more than one million seven hundred thousand infections.

  And in the third place, Britain recorded more than forty four thousand deaths and more than 288 thousand injuries, followed by Italy with about 35 thousand deaths and more than 242 thousand injuries.


The Lebanese government announced, on Tuesday evening, that 30 people had been killed and 3,000 injured

Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab said that the catastrophe that occurred in Lebanon today, represented by the huge explosion

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi dismissed the director of Iraqi Airways, Ali Mohsen Hashem