The National Project: The ability to organize elections is an important step for reform

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA   August 1 : The Iraqi national project said that it looks very carefully to the holding of early elections as a basic entitlement to the current government and in response to the most important demands of the October revolution.
The statement of the Iraqi national project added that the ability of the "Al-Kazimi" government to organize these elections according to the criteria promised by the Prime Minister is an important step towards reforming the political process burdened by crises and the causes of collapse.
The statement warned that the upcoming elections will not meet the conditions of integrity, credibility and natural atmosphere because it will be a direct cause of the overall chaos and collapse of the entire political process and the entry of Iraq into a dangerous and difficult stage ..

The statement called for an end to the phenomenon of fugitive weapons and armed forces outside the law, besieging corruption and its symbols and preventing them according to the law from exploiting elections and harnessing power as was the case in most previous elections.


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