The Ministry of Interior begins a campaign to chase outlaws in Baghdad

Baghdad-ALsharqiya, October 20: The Iraqi Ministry of Interior began a security operation aimed at disarming and imposing law in separate areas of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. An Interior Ministry statement said that the intelligence agency carried out a raid and search operation in a number of areas that are likely harboring outlaws and recorded direct shooting incidents that included the Al-Amana neighborhood that resulted in the seizure of a number of Kalashnikovs, hunting rifles, various ammunitions, various military equipment, including shields, barrows, clothes, boots and crushers. .


The death toll from the clashes rose to six martyrs and about 100 others. There were clashes

The US Embassy in Baghdad condemned the violence against peaceful demonstrators in Al-Haboubi Square, in the center of Nasiriyah

The head of the Iraqi national project, Jamal Al-Dhari, criticized the silence of the United Nations special envoy