The Ministry of Health in the Kurdistan government announces nine cases of corona infection

Erbil-ALSharqiya March 28: The Ministry of Health in the Kurdistan government announced on Saturday that it recorded nine new infections from the new Corona in the governorates of Arbil and Halabja .. The ministry said in a statement, that during the previous four hours, it had conducted 521 tests showing 9 cases of the virus, eight of them in Erbil and one case in Halabja, bringing the total number of HIV carriers in the Kurdistan region to 122 cases, as they were two deaths, while 51 persons were fully recovered, and the Iraqi Council of Ministers formed a high committee to combat the Corona epidemic with the outgoing Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi responsible for developing policies and general plans And supervision of its implementation A. The Cabinet decided to grant the Minister of Health the authority to conduct transportation and contract with the approval of the Minister of Finance to confront the Corona virus, as an exception to the instructions for implementing government contracts, provided that the contracts are audited by the federal financial oversight debt.


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