The martyrdom of 10 Palestinians and the ongoing Israeli bombing

Beit Lahia -ALSHARQIYA  May  14 : 10 Palestinian citizens were killed since the early morning hours today, Friday, among them a mother and her three children, in a violent Israeli bombardment on the town of "Beit Lahia", north of Gaza.
Palestinian security sources confirmed that the bodies of 6 martyrs had been recovered from under the rubble of citizens' homes in the town of "Beit Lahiya", including a mother and her three children from the Al-Attar family.
The sources added that 160 Israeli warplanes launched, in a single moment, violent raids on the towns of "Beit Lahiya" and "Beit Hanoun" in the northern Gaza Strip and on the city of "Gaza", accompanied by artillery shelling from tanks and gunboats, amid massive damage to residential buildings and infrastructure.


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