The largest Russian diamond has been offered for sale at $ 20 million

Moscow-ALsharqiya May 9: Christie's auction house has offered for sale this month the largest Russian diamond ever weighing 100.94 carats, bearing the name Alrosa Spectaclio, which is expected to record between 12 and 18 million Swiss francs 19.96 million dollars during its auction scheduled for May 12. Marie-Cecil Sesamolo, an expert in the jewelry department at the auction house, said: This gorgeous 100-carat diamond was called the Sergei Diaghlef rough diamond and was mined in 2016. The diamond is one of 144 precious items that the house is offering for sale, including diamond and sapphire rings and earrings.


Security forces deployed in the Green Zone in Baghdad and prevented vehicles from passing

The US embassy sounded sirens in Baghdad and activated the C-RAM defense system.

The winning representative of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Abbas Al-Zamili, said that re-counting and manual sorting for some