The largest daily toll: Iraq records 519 cases of corona and 20 deaths

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA  June 3 :  The number of casualties in Corona multiplied rapidly and dangerously in Iraq after the daily cases were recorded five hundred and nineteen injuries so the total number jumped to seven thousand and three hundred and seven and eighty cases, while the number of deaths rose to two and five deaths Thirty deaths after recording twenty deaths are the highest since the outbreak of the epidemic in the country, and Baghdad alone recorded the highest number of epidemics with more than four hundred new infections by one hundred and sixty six cases in Karkh, and a hundred and five and forty cases in Rusafa.  And thirty-nine cases in the city of medicine, followed by Maysan with four or thirty injuries and then Karbala with thirty-one injuries, Sulaimaniyah with eight and thirty injuries, Basra with five and twenty injuries, Najaf twenty-one injuries, Babylon recorded nine injuries, Muthanna recorded eight injuries, Duhok has six injuries, Diyala five, in addition to one case in Erbil and Nineveh.


Informed sources said that government orders were issued to appoint the Minister of the Interior

The Civil Defense Directorate issued a set of wills and guidelines, amid expectations that it would register

The rates of Corona pandemic in Iraq continued to rise after recording 2334