The Iraqi High Electoral Commission published electoral district tables

Baghdad-ALsharqiya May 8: The High Electoral Commission in Iraq published the electoral district tables as well as the registration centers and total seats for the upcoming legislative elections.

Parliamentary seats were distributed as follows: Baghdad / Karkh 30 seats, Baghdad / Rusafa 40 seats, Nineveh 31 seats, Basra 25 seats, Dhi Qar 19 seats, Anbar 15 seats, Maysan 10 seats, Muthanna 7 seats, Diwaniyah 11, Diyala 14 seats Babylon 17 seats, Wasit 11 seats, Karbala 11 seats, Najaf 12 seats, Salah al-Din 12 seats and Kirkuk 12 also .. The commission also published details of the Kurdistan Region’s governorates and came as follows .. Erbil governorate has 15 seats, Dohuk 11 seats, and Sulaymaniyah 18 seats.


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