The hottest trench coats trend in Winter 2021

Italy-ALSHARQIYA   December 7: The trend of trench coats appeared in the fashion shows of the Winter 2021 collections, and these coats are distinguished by being suitable for different body shapes, and their fashion does not end with the passage of years. The trench is considered one of the staples of winter fashion since its entry into the fashion arena, and it has entered the 2021 cruise craze through its wide door.
Camel trench coats and cowboys have been at the forefront of popular colors for many years, and even the colors seem the best ever, as camel gives the look a luxurious touch.
Several brands have offered camel-colored trench and cowboy coats, and in assorted designs such as Louis Vuitton and Isabel Marant.

Also, camel trench coats are suitable for different outfits and colors, and they can be coordinated with black or white outfits, as well as with jeans.
More than one way to wear camel trench coats has emerged, so it can be worn while leaving it open from the front and coordinated with a sweater and skirt or sweater and trousers with long boots, and wear with a dress, and it can be closed from the front, or left on the shoulders with the popular cape cry.
- If you are large, stay away from the overcoat, because all it will do is increase your body size. Certainly you do not want it.

Find a coat with a cut that fits your height and has lines, for an elegant look.
- The length of the coat should exceed the length of your dress.
The taller you are, the more long you can choose the floor-length coat; Whenever you are short, you should choose a short coat that can reach the middle of the thighs.
When you wear a colored coat, you do not need to adopt colored clothes under it. Look for clothes in neutral or dark colors to highlight the beauty of your coat.
Do not forget to decorate your coat collar with an elegant brooch, for a special look.
Try wearing leather gloves with the colored coat, and remember that it is best not to be of the same color as the coat.
You can choose a printed coat to get a rich look, without boredom.
Stay away from coats that have large shoulder pads.
You can choose a colorful fur coat for your evening parties this season.


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