The Governor of Nineveh suspends the official working hours on Wednesday and Thursday

Nineveh -ALsharqiya February 26: Nineveh governor Najm al-Jubouri announced the suspension of official working hours on Wednesday and Thursday, in order to preserve the health and safety of citizens, while the governorate health department confirmed the suspicion of 12 cases of Corona virus. The director of health of Nineveh, Falah al-Taie, said that two of the suspects came from Iran and were placed under quarantine in Al-Salam Hospital in Mosul and awaiting the results of the analyzes. Diyala Governorate also announced the suspension of official working hours at the university and the technical institute later, by announcing its suspension in schools.


On Thursday, the Iraqi Minister of Defense, Juma Anad, visited Anbar Province to clarify the circumstances of his recent statements on the shortest path

Demonstrations continued in Dhi Qar Governorate for the second day in a row, demanding the directors of the governorate departments to resign

Resignations of the directors of a number of districts in Dhi Qar continued with the escalation of popular protests in the province