The governor of Najaf, Luay Al-Yasiri, was wounded in Corona

Najaf-ALSharqiya April 4: The Najaf Health Department denied the infection of Governor Louay Al-Yasiri with the new Corona virus and confirmed the health of Najaf that a blood sample was taken from the governor and a medical examination was conducted and it was found that he was not infected with this Corona virus and local sources in Najaf said earlier that 6 people from the individuals Protection of the governor of Najaf, Louay Al-Yasiri, infected with Corona virus


Experts in Basra say the economic repercussions of measures to deal with the Corona epidemic threaten greater popular mobility

Citizens in Anbar renewed the call to tighten the closure of the entrances to cities and districts and open the movement within them

A member of the Health Committee in the Iraqi parliament confirmed that the Ministry of Health concluded contracts with companies worth tens of millions of dollars