The font giant's departure: the announcement in Mosul of the death of the Sheikh of the calligraphers, Yusuf Thanoon

Mosul-ALSHARQIYA July 3 : The death of the last giant of the Arabic calligraphy and the sheikh of the Iraqi calligrapher Mosul calligrapher Yusuf Dhanun Al-Nuaimi, at the age of 89, was announced in Mosul on Friday after suffering a stroke

Youssef Dhannoun Abdullah Al-Nuaimi was born in the Bab Al-Jadid locality in Mosul on May 7, 1931, and more than one generation was educated at his hands, and prominent Arab and international calligraphers appeared among them.

In his practice of writing, Youssef Dhanoun relied on himself for what he took from the lines of Sabri al-Hilali and Hashem al-Baghdadi. He also participated in the founding of the Arab Heritage Society in Mosul. He is a member of the Iraqi Calligraphers Association and an honorary member of the Alumni Association for the Improvement of Arabic Calligraphy in Egypt. 

He lectured in the history of Islamic calligraphy and taught this art in Mosul

The late have many books, including - art education lessons, a summary of the rules of the board line, Kufic script, the principles of Arabic decoration and the rules of Diwani calligraphy. Books and magazines.


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