The first telephone network on the moon

Finland-ALSHARQIYA  October  19 : The Finnish telecommunications equipment manufacturer "Nokia" said, on Monday, that one of its departments will build a fourth-generation communication system to be deployed on a lunar landing craft in late 2022.
And NASA has provided $ 370 million to 14 companies, including providing technology for the "Artemis" lunar landing program, which aims to establish a long-term human presence on the moon.
Nokia released more details about its participation after an announcement last week by NASA, which said it would pay the US company's $ 14.1 million unit to the network.
The US space agency is also funding other innovations in cryogenic fluid management, innovation on the lunar surface, and the ability to descend and land.

The company said that the Nokia network will provide communications capabilities important to the tasks that astronauts will need to do such as remote control of lunar vehicles, real-time navigation and HD video streaming.
The equipment includes the base station, antennas and software and is designed to withstand the harsh launches, moon landings and extreme conditions in space.
Nokia is partnering with the US company Antitv Machines, chosen by NASA to build a small "landing hopper" that can reach the lunar craters and conduct high-resolution surveys of the moon's surface over a short distance.
"Reliable, resilient and high-capacity communications networks will be essential to support a sustainable human presence on the surface of the Moon," said Marcus Weldon, Nokia's chief technology officer.


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