The fight against terrorism in the Kurdistan Region announces the results of the investigation by bombing Erbil

Kurdistan-ALSHARQIYA   March 3: The Directorate of Combating Terrorism in the Kurdistan Region announced that the results of the investigation of the missile strikes that targeted Erbil in mid-February show that four people are
The main persons responsible for the terrorist attack, headed by the main perpetrator of the attack called "Haydar Hamza Abbas Mustafa Al-Bayati"
The region’s counterterrorism statement said in a statement that Haider Hamza al-Bayati, who was arrested and confessed to his crime, made detailed confessions about how the attack was carried out.
The Counter-Terrorism Directorate indicated that after sharing the results of the investigation with the security institutions in the federal government and the International Coalition, federal institutions arrested another perpetrator of the attack, while there are still two people A, the security services are searching for.


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