The departure of a star: Corona kidnaps football legend Ahmed Radi

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA  June 21 : Death of the Iraqi and Arab football legend Ahmed Radhi after he passed away on the morning of Sunday in Baghdad after suffering from the Corona virus before joining the plane that was intended to transport him to the Jordanian capital Amman for treatment, leaving a rich legacy of football filled with successes and successes The hearts of Iraqis are happy for many years at the local, Arab and international levels, and he is the star of the golden age of Iraqi football, Ahmed Radhi, after his health deteriorated on the morning of Sunday at Al Numan Hospital in Baghdad, due to his suffering from breathing problems against the background of infection with the Corona virus. Ahmed Radi was born on the twenty-first of April in the year one thousand nine hundred and sixty-four and his talents emerged at an early age with the Iraqi Al-Zawra Club and at the age of seventeen he joined the first Iraqi national team and continued his glory with him until he had a role in the arrival of Iraq to the World Cup Finals .. The hearts of Iraqis were filled with heartburn for the departure of their star, who had always worked hard to bring joy, as Arab and international sports circles called him, expressing deep sorrow for the departure of the star who cried hearts before the eyes.


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