The death of the former Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper

Paris-ALSHARQIYA  May  7 : In a news that shocked and saddened the sports street in Europe, Christophe Revo, the former goalkeeper of a number of French clubs, was found dead in his home.
Le Havre announced the death of its former goalkeeper at the age of 49, after spending most of his football career with him, and he also defended the colors of Paris Saint-Germain, Rennes and Toulouse.
Le Havre said in a statement: "A man who has not returned has left us and left the club an orphan, one of its most prominent players. All our feelings and thoughts are with his family and his two children."
Club president Vincent Volpe added: "We lose one of our relatives. A very likable person and an unconditional lover of Le Havre."
The world of football mourned the goalkeeper, Revo, while several clubs praised the traits of the late, including Saint-Germain, who expressed his "deep sadness" on social networking sites, such as Rennes and Toulouse.

Revo was born in the Paris region, and Le Havre discovered his talent early during a match for young people in 1998, so he moved to the training center of the French club dean before establishing himself in the first team in the domestic league and becoming a fan favorite.


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