The death of the former Iraqi international, Ahmed Radi

Baghdad-Sharqia June 21: The star of the former Iraqi national team, Ahmed Radi, died in Baghdad after a struggle with the Coronavirus that lasted for about two weeks. Medical sources said that the health of the former international star deteriorated in the late hours of Saturday night Sunday before joining his plane to Amman at dawn today to complete the treatment From the Coronavirus and indicated that Radi was suffering from severe shortness of breath, which required him to be returned to Al-Numan Hospital, so that he would die in the morning. Ahmed Radi’s death comes a few weeks after the death of the former international player Ali Hadi, due to his coronavirus infection, despite his good health before entering the hospital. Ahmed Radi is considered one of the Iraqi football legends, and he has the only Iraqi goal in the history of the World Cup, which came in Belgium's goal in the 1986 World Cup, which was held in Mexico and Baghdad people went out at the funeral of the Iraqi soccer star Ahmed Radi, and hundreds of citizens gathered near Ibn Al-Numan Hospital To participate in the funeral ceremony


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