The Commission: The extension takes into consideration national interests

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA  July 10: The Iraqi Media and Communications Commission issued a clarification on extending licenses to operate mobile phone companies in Iraq, confirming that the extension takes into consideration national interests and keeping pace with modern technologies in the world of communications.
 The authority confirmed that the decision did not come at the moment, but rather is the outcome of discussions and negotiations with companies that applied for an extension in accordance with the license contract, as well as after consultations with consulting firms and experts ..
Then he presented the data to the Cabinet to take the appropriate decision. The authority said that it adopted several criteria in the study and preparation of its reports, including the vision of the Iraqi government in developing the service and investment affairs and maximizing revenues, as well as adopting the principle of transparency and fair competition between licensees as well as studying the requirements of the Iraqi market for communications in terms of strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities ..

The commission confirmed that the outcome of these studies grants the right to extend the companies for a period of 5 years according to the contract concluded with them directly without the need to conduct a public auction or enter new competitors
 The Media and Communications Commission stressed that the extension of licenses will enhance the position of Iraq in the global ranking in the index of information and communication technology development "idi" issued by the International Telecommunication Union, as well as support the state treasury with revenue through licensing fees on the perspective of the period from a monthly regulatory fee, tax, fines and spectrum wages ..

The authority also indicated that the extension will provide jobs and increase the rate of Iraqi imports per person, as well as contribute to the continued development and construction of a comprehensive infrastructure for mobile communications services and the implementation of projects related to national security as well as transfer of expertise to national capabilities by attracting foreign expertise


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