The chairs game program highlights the foreign military presence in Iraq

Baghdad-ALSharqiya, April 5: The Chairs Program highlighted the foreign military presence in Iraq and the dealings of armed factions with it, and security expert Fadel Abu Ragheef said that there is duplication in the position of some of these factions, while it has seats in parliament that have military roles in the field. For his part, analyst Abbas Al-Ardawi asked about the role of the Iraqi government between the United States of America and Iran, where they are fighting on Iraqi soil without there being a clear role except for the armed factions .. For his part, the leader in the Alliance of Forces MP Raad Al-Dahlaki denied that the Sunni forces deal with the American forces It violates the interests of Iraq or the interests of other powers representing the Iraqi components, stressing that the position of the alliance of forces is that the withdrawal of foreign forces be responsible.


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