The bombing of the Balad air base with three Katyusha rockets, and no damage was reported

Salah al-Din -ALSHARQIYA  May 4: The Iraqi Air Force Base of Balad, on Monday evening, was subjected to missile strikes in a new escalation of attacks on military sites that include forces from the international coalition.
The Security Media Cell reported that terrorist elements launched four Katyusha rockets from the Al-Nai area in the district of Al-Khalis at Balad Air Force base, without causing any human or material losses .. The Security Media Cell said that these actions are intended to double the capabilities of the forces The Iraqi security will not pass without an account for the terrorist elements who carry out such illegal acts according to an agenda that does not want good for Iraq and its people .. It is indicated that during the months

In the past, dozens of missile attacks have targeted Iraqi facilities hosting diplomats or foreign soldiers, in addition to the American embassy in Baghdad.


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