The Arabic language in the fashion world .. "Letters from Noor" adorn jewelry and fashion

Emirates-ALSHARQIYA December  18 : With a creative touch, the Arabic alphabet was written on fabrics and engraved on precious alloys and precious stones, announcing the birth of a new era of fashion with a unique taste.
Artists used Arabic calligraphy to decorate buildings, antiques, and other artifacts, including ceramics, glass, metals, wood, and wall paintings, and in the modern era, the alphabet "language of Dhad" has reached the world of fashion and jewelry.
On the occasion of the celebration of the International Day of the Arabic Language, we shed light on one of the areas of arts and creativity that tended to employ the alphabet of the language.
December 18th was devoted to the celebration of the Arabic language, and the day coincides with the United Nations General Assembly issued Resolution No. 3190 in 1973, according to which it approved the introduction of "the language of Dhad" in the official and working languages ​​of the United Nations.

The Arab artist employed the alphabet of his mother tongue in the field of fashion with the aim of making a product that is distinguished by an aesthetic structure that is made up of his heritage, traditions, environment and historical origins, depending on the diversity of aesthetic concepts and formal configurations.
The Arabic letter is considered a form of aesthetic formation in fashion design, as this alphabet has become a shiny place in many aspects of eastern and even western fashion.
According to fashion researchers, the inclusion of Arab motifs and writings with aesthetic elements in the world of fashion is one of the many forms of radical changes that the global artistic movement has witnessed since the beginning of the twentieth century.

The decoration in Arabic letters and calligraphy varied in the fashion world according to the type of material and technique implemented, and the most important characteristic of the fashion of the Arabic alphabet is its uniqueness, as it is not inspired, influenced by, or borrowed from Western schools and artistic trends.
Artists created many decorations on fabrics and enriched them with Arabic writings and used Qur’an texts to design many forms of natural elements such as animals. They also used the shape of the letter as a decorative element and took care of the symmetry of its parts and beautifying its stems, heads and arches with plant branches.
The formations of Arabic letters are considered one of the most important plastic elements. Due to its inherent qualities that allow it to express movement and mass, and it is the general anthropomorphic body that defines the entity of the artwork, what helped fashion designers to employ in the world of fashion

Among the most famous to take this direction is the Lebanese jewelery designer Nadine Kanso, who presented the interlocking Arabic letters that express messages full of love, hope and nostalgia for the ancient Arab heritage studded with diamonds and precious stones.
Designer Shamsa Al-Abbar invented a new line in this direction, as she redesigned traditional letters in an abstract style that suits contemporary women, by transforming them into geometric lines and presenting them in a new and unconventional dress.
As for the jewelry of the two sister designers, Lina and Hala, they were made with Arabic letters and words inspired by love poems and poems. They are distinguished by their simplicity, small size and the use of different gold colors.


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