The Arab Theater Festival unveils its twelfth session in Jordan

Amman-ALSharqiya January 11: The 12th Arab theater festival offers, seminars and activities began in Jordan, with the participation of about 400 theaters from various Arab countries. The festival is organized by the Arab Theater Authority, which is based in Sharjah, in cooperation with the Jordanian Artists Association, the Jordanian Ministry of Culture and the Tourism Promotion Authority. The festival, which takes place in a different country each year, presents 15 theatrical performances within two tracks, the first is non-competitive and includes six shows, while the second includes nine shows competing for the Sheikh Sultan Al Qasimi Award for Best Theatrical Work. Besides theatrical performances, the festival program, which runs through January 16, includes 11 intellectual seminars that discuss various artistic issues. The Secretary-General of the Arab Theater Authority, Ismail Abdullah, said at the opening on Friday in this difficult time, that the essence of the creative theatrical committed to resurrecting life in the face of death appears in setting the fire of knowledge against oppression. And he added during this time what we need most for the struggling theater, the torchbearer, the flagperson, the advanced rows of art, the preacher of peace when the murderers dive into the blood, when the merchants of death thrive, the theatrical is a messenger of life. Hatem Al-Sayed, actor Khaled Al-Tarifi, actor Abdel Kamel Khalayleh, and actress Nadra Omran.


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