The Anti-Corruption Committee arrests the general manager of the General Company for Foodstuff Trading

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA   July  27 : The High Governmental Anti-Corruption Committee in Iraq arrested the Director General of the General Company for Foodstuff Trading in the Ministry of Trade, accusing him of several charges, including receiving bribery and benefiting from public money.

 Identical sources in the Ministry of Commerce and other judicial sources confirmed that a force affiliated with the Supreme Anti-Corruption Committee arrested him after he arrived at the headquarters of the General Company for Foodstuff Trade according to judicial orders and against the background of information that he was involved in receiving benefits, money and bribery from food contracts related to the ration card items since He assumed the position seven years ago, in addition to committing violations in a number of investment projects related to building oil warehouses and plants without being implemented after the disappearance of their allocations.


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